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That is all.....
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Letter from Acura about PCM update...

I got a letter the other day from Acura about a powertrain control module update. I go in next week for the free upgrade. The dealer and the letter states it's supposed to improve duribility of the tranny. I did search and didn't come up with anything, but if it's a repost sorry.

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Mikester > Sky
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well, i havent heard anything about it. so if it is true and it does infact work, then its about god damn time they fix this shit. oh and thanks for the update
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When my tranny was replaced in July, they also replaced the the ECU, so I'm guessing there is something to it.
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Yeah - they replaced my PCM when they did my tranny last time.
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You are referring to this TSB:

03-017 PCM Replacement: 3.2TL and 3.2CL
Applies To: 200003 3.2TL, 200103 3.2CL


Some vehicles repaired with Service Bulletin 03-002,
3rd Gear Clutch Pack is Worn, did not receive a new
PCM along with the remanufactured transmission.
(PCM replacement improves the performance and
durability of the transmission.)


Now that PCMs are available, customers who got a
remanufactured transmission without a new PCM will
be sent a letter asking them to call their Acura dealer to
request PCM replacement.


Currently, only TLs and CLs with recently replaced
transmissions are affected. Please see VIN-specific information to determine your car's eligibility.


Replace the PCM and, if supplied, the fuel pressure

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yeh, i got one in the mail as well. i was just hoping it has nothing to do w/the ecu replacement that some have mentioned...


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talk about a headache! i make an appt with service dept at 7am so that i can get my car in and out quickly. i was very descriptive with the service rep on what the tranny problem was and guys, let me know if you would be confused when i explained this, "when the car is going 30-40 mph, i will floor the gas pedal to merge with highway traffic and the car shifts to 1st gear! so my car hits the rev limiter and refuses to shift, making it possible to be rear ended. this is definitely a problem with my tranny and i need to get it replaced."

ok, so the guy says "no problem. we will take care of it." i get a ride home even though i had asked if a loaner would be more prudent. the guy says a tech needs to verify the tranny is shot and that then they will decide whether to get me a loaner and what not. i say ok, since i work nights and will be home asleep anyway. i get a call at 2pm and the service guy says that they couldnt find anything wrong w/the tranny. i will be picked up in 30 mins. ive danced to this tune before at our unfriendly acura dealership before(more on this in a bit) so i dont say anything. i simply think of what i will say and do.

once i get there, the guy reiterates his statement. nope, nothng wrong with it. i ask to do a test drive w/the mechanic. this short guy comes out to greet me, if that is what you want to call it. he is angry cause i am pulling him away from working on a car or going home...whatever. once we get outside he starts mouthing off that he has been working on cars a long time, that he knows what the tranny problem is, that i shouldnt be questioning him!!! hows that for friendly customer service! since i have an extreme drop(no fender gap at all) my tires are pretty much shot. my stock shocks are also shot! i know this, i have tokico illuminas coming in today or tomorrow. i just ordered a camber kit. i just talked to my cousin about getting another set of tires. im thinking to myself, its under control, i came to b!tch about the tranny. the mechanic keeps shooting off his pie hole saying how can i even know if there is something wrong w/the tranny with all the stuff that is wrong with my car. i stop, tired of his arguing, tired cause i got 5 hrs of sleep and yell at him that i know what is wrong w/my car. it wasnt that way when i bought it. it never has shifted to 1st gear like it does now and that if he doesnt want to go on this test drive, that he can go back and i will get someone else to help me! i was mad and shouted at him all this. he quiets long enough to get in the car and hesitantly tells me to drive.

once i get a chance to tell him what the problem is, he has the nerve to tell me its my fault for not saying so to the service rep. he says that the work order didnt specify my problem as i described it to him. he says the order simply stated that the tranny was slipping into lower gear during normal driving.

of course, when i coast to 30mph and floor it, nothing happens. we get to a light and i try again, nothing happens. he starts to complain again, i feel i should carry my 45 in the car with me at all times...

finally, we make a right hand turn and i try again...finally the damn tanny shifts to 1st when we were going 35mph and wont upshift until i let up on the gas. i am vindicated!!!

right away he says, "that's not right, we need to replace the tranny." so for the next 10 min drive to the dealership i sarcastcally say i will leave and not bring the car in or complain anymore if that symptom is normal. he keeps saying that isnt normal and will order a tranny for my car. he says that's a new symptom he hasnt seen before.

i tell him i know that. that is why i was so descriptive w/the service rep in the morning. i told him, as i told the service rep, that i have had one tranny fail and know what the other symptom is..the one everyone knows about, the stuck gear, which wont up or down shift. finally he understands that i actually do know a thing or two about cars...

anyway, once i get back to the service dept, i ask about my other service request. since i got an extended interior/exterior warranty and have acquired some nasty oil stains on the front carpet, i had asked to have those stains taken out. that didnt happen either.....

it took more bitching and forceful words to get this done as well. so what is the moral? you never know what to expect at the dealership here in austin. i always see older folks just happy and serene while waiting or picking up their rides...why am i always unsatisified w/my service?

i had to take matters into my own hands to have my car worked on and have their mechanic see the error in his ways. i spent 1.5 hrs when my car should have been ready for pickup when i got there.

i know the tranny is on backorder, so i know i have to deal with them one more time...and i dread going back cause im sure i will have another story to tell


it's all about the ride...
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Yup they did this to my TL when it pooped out too. Don't know if it helped, but they changed it out.
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That is all.....
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Car 3: 09' A4 Avant (B8) ordered
Man I wonder why I get this letter now? My tranny a year ago this month and I get a PCM update now? I was setup for another failed tranny...
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Originally posted by evolaerok
Man I wonder why I get this letter now? My tranny a year ago this month and I get a PCM update now? I was setup for another failed tranny...
yes, because the real problem is the combination of the two. PCM & tranny.

They replaced both of mine together this summer. It still doesn't feel right, but so far so good. (Knock on fake wood.)
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