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An introduction to my newly bought Integra GS-R

So yesterday i got my first Integra. Back before July i was driving a 94 civic dx that had nothing done, and i loved having a honda so much i was going to get an SI after i got back this winter (i was backpacking europe for a few months). When i realized my dad was halfway out of his mind trying to sell his company, i knew it was time to strike, and pulled a fast one and was able to get him to dish out for this car. Yes, this is a graduation present, only a few months late. So i bring the car home yesterday, lift the hood, and low and behold, there is a cold air intake, my brother says the headers arent original, and it has that bar going across (i believe its called a strut bar?). I wasn't looking for a car with mods but i guess im ok with these, its not outrageous and the engine hasnt been modified itself. How much horsepower with these mods will i be putting out now? Someone told me i should get an exhaust but i dont want anymore noise, its good enough where it is.

This was the preview image from the previous owner on autotrader, this drew me in greatly.

In my driveway a few minutes ago

Under the hood, if you spot any mods please give me a heads up, id like to knwo what i have, as im not very educated in this area, id like to learn some things about my car.

The intake, this was a nice surprise to find.

According to my brother this is aftermarket.

So i bought the car for 9600, it has 88,000 miles on it, its a 2000 model. The thing is in perfect condition, it just needs the timing belt to be changed soon. Do you think i payed too much? Is it true the aftermarket products reduce the pricetag of the car? Is there anything that should be fixed for the safety of the car for any reason? If you want i can get names of the products since the car is just outside my house. Id really like to just know everything about this car top to bottom, and im fucking in love with it.

Also, theres a couple things i had some questions about. When i shift into third gear it seems i have to push the clutch in a little bit further or the gear will not catch and make that terrible, terrible noise. I dont think its a problem, but im wondering if its normal to need to push the clutch in a little extra for third gear?

Also, the coilover springs in the car seems to creak and sound like stretching leather almost when i listen closely, im almost sure this isnt a problem, but should i grease them up or what?

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