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Angry The hard drive is useless :/

So I buy most of my music as digital downloads from Amazon or Google. With my other car I can just put these songs on a USB thumb drive and copy them across. With my ILX I am disappointed to find that I have to use a physical CD to do this. While I could convert my MP3s to an audio CD that would create two issues, well three.

1) It's a lot of work.
2) Converting an MP3 to CD audio track would lose even more quality when re-encoding to MP3.
3) I will not have the CD's signature so it is likely GraceNote will not have the info, thereby forcing me to enter the track info manually.

Has anyone contacted Acura about this? This is a huge inconvenience for me. I can use a USB drive with the music on there but it is not indexed by genre, etc so I can only navigate via folder structure.

Anyone share my frustration?
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