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Dash Board Gauges stop working

I have a 2005 TL and recently while driving down the freeway all my dash board gauges (except the fuel gauge), went to zero and the VSA lights came on the AC stopped working. Took it to Acura dealer and they replaced the battery and some voltage cable to dash board ($600) and everything was fine for a week. Same problem started again. If I stop the car, shut it off and restart it all the gauges and AC work just fine until the next time they go to zero. The gauges can go to zero and then to back to normal multiple times and then either stay normal or stay at zero.
Went back to dealer who worked with engineers at Acura HQ and they cannot ID the problem or a solution except tear all the electrical wiring apart to try and find a "short" and if that is not successful then to test each component of the electrical system - very expensive and quite frankly according to my service manager impractical as well. Other suggestion is to live with it until something actually breaks down and the car stops working and then they can ID the problem. Neither option very acceptable.
Has anyone else had this problem and were you able to resolve it successfully??

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