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Originally Posted by Shyne View Post
i have upgraded to the 13" brembo gran turismo crossdrilled brake kit...there are 4 piston calipers that are included with the kit along with stainless steel brake lines to firm up the pedal feel...also, for the rear i have the KVR crossdrilled rotors
and endless pads...finally, i have motul 600 racing brake fluid replacing the stock fluid...H&R makes a 5mm and 15mm spacer kit depending on your wheels...if you run a big brake kit you most likely will have to use one because there is no way these calipers could ever fit behind stock wheels are a +49 offset and i need them...

if any of you dont have enough money to upgrade your front rotors to brembo or rotora...the 2 piston calipers on the tL are very strong if you change out the pads and rotors...dont buy the one piece rotors for the TL, KVR now offers a two piece 12" rotor that is supposed to kick ass, they are like 700$...along w/stainless steel brake lines and high temp racing brake fluid, these 2 piece rotors will help your braking out substantially...Shyne
You mean power brakes? If that is what you mean then all ABS equipped cars have "power assist" already added and there is nothing further to be done to improve the braking system.

Now if by chance your referring to the latest cruise control that keeps a certain distance between cars or the one that automatically brakes if your approaching too fast...well I would not trust ANY addon device that attaches to my brake system.
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