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Question Tapping Fusebox causes DTC trouble codes?

Maybe someone with more electrical system knowledge can help me. My wife has an automatic 2013 ILX. I used fuse taps to power a dash cam and a homelink mirror. I tapped the number 34 small lights fuse for the homelink since it is hot all the time, and another for the dashcam, I think I used one of the ACC fuses. Neither the dashcam or the mirror draw much current. The other day the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree, and it would not shift out of 1st, We had to have it towed to the Acura dealer The dealer claims "parasitic losses from the fuse taps somehow caused it to throw codes." The codes thrown include P2127 AP sensor voltage low, P0452 Evap FTP Sensor low input, P0532 A/C Pressure sensor voltage, P0651 voltage malfunction, P1702 main fuse low voltage and P0717 Input shaft speed sensor no signal (which explains the transmission issue). It makes zero sense to me how the two are connected. The dashcam and mirror have been hooked up for months with no issues. I hooked them back up and checked for codes with my OBD scanner, and no codes. However, I don't want my wife stranded, so I have disconnected everything while I try to figure this out.*

So, could tapping the interior light and ACC fuses caused this mess? And if so, which fuses can I safely tap so this doesn't happen again. *Thanks
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