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2003 Acura Rsx Base Automatic throwing Code P0134

I have 2003 Acura RSX Base Automatic (USA) model. My car was throwing OBD code P0420 which indicated inefficiency with Catalytic Converter. I decided to change it along with both O2 sensors. I purchased following upstream sensor for my car which is:

Denso Air-Fuel Ratio Sensor 4 Wire, Direct Fit, Heated, Wire Length: 16.54
Part# 234-9006

The downstream sensor was NTK O2 Sensor Part #24409. The installation went fine and installer checked all connections etc. but my car now throws OBD Code P0134 which indicates that there is a problem with the oxygen sensor that is positioned before the catalytic converter and on the engine bank that houses cylinder #1 i.e. the upstream sensor.

Can you tell me if the correct part was put and what is the cause of the error and how to get rid of it?

Also, do Acura RSX and Honda Civic use same OEM Parts?
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