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Originally posted by patrick
Good write up Scalbert. Please do a write up on chips and piggyback computers...more information is required to debunk rumors and false information.
Funny you mention it. We are in the process of working on an application of the UniChip for the CL/TL/AV6. A car will be at the new US operations of Dastek (the manufacturer of the UniChip) in just over a week. They will do some data acquisition, hardwire and tune the UniChip and have the owner drive around for a while to get a feel for it.

If all works out we should have an application in about a month or so.

Outside of that, we are also looking at implementing the Greddy e-Manage system. I will be talking to Greddy about this on Monday and will report back. But either way, it looks like we will soon have options when it comes to tuning the fuel and ignition.

However, in the end we still do not have reprogrammable ECU's or swappable chips. So we will need to do all altering outside of the ECU. That is unless someone can convince Hondata to look at our application...
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