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Might be related to the symptoms relayed by petemc:

Issue: Each morning I reverse out my garage, down the drive, and onto the road. Each morning I transfer the gear from reverse to drive and apply gentle pressure to the accellerator. Each morning my RL wants to take the first few feet at the speed of light Until petemc mentioned the symptom, I'd assumed it was caused by an 'early morning lead foot'. Ironically I put the car straight into drive when I leave the office at night and the car doesn't demonstrate the same 'eagerness'.

Resolution: I'm going to try allowing the car to propel itself for a few feet before I apply any gas.

Fixed?: I'll let you know.

Do you first reverse (no lurching) then move into drive? Maybe it's only this combination (cold car - reverse - drive) that causes 'super-torque'.
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