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Mistyr929 07-21-19 12:30 PM

No Spare Tire
My worst nightmare came true, no spare tire and that air kit they give you doesn’t work....took tire off to get fixed and no one will fix it so we can get another 40 miles waiting on roadside to tow it to the dealer, on a Sunday....Acura, I’ll lose 2mpg gladly for a spare tire instead of a “repair kit” that leaves you stranded....

MrColin 08-17-19 07:25 PM

I agree. That "repair kit" is useless from a practical sense; I was in disbelief when I saw it. After I bought my RDX, used 2017, I went to ebay and bought a spare tire. I didn't expect such a cheap design flaw from Acura.

txredhead56 08-21-19 02:36 AM

I agree with you on this. I bought a new 2018 RDX w/Technology package, and imagine my surprise and anger when I discovered that this vehicle had no spare tire, but rather the can of "flat fix with air pump." A friggin $43,000 car with no spare - only a $3.99 can of "flat fix." I wound up buying one of the "space saving" spare tires that the vehicle required. I just this last week traded my RDX on a new 2019 MDX -and guess what - no spare tire! I went into this knowing that my new MDX had no spare tire. I suppose that I will have to spend the money to buy a spare for my MDX. (And for the record, the MDX sticker was $51,000!)

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