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XzYBiT 01-06-09 05:51 PM

FS: Custom JDM Driver Badges Vietnamese Chinese Philipino Cambodian Mexican
New Batch Made 3/30/09 Check Out Newly Available Badges!

What flags do you have?
As of 3/30/09 JDM driver aka Soshinoya badges are available in:
Mexico, Vietnamese, China, Cambodia, and Philipines (Always in stock)
Pedobear (10)
Domokun (10)
Japan Rising Sun (4)
Korea (5)
Dominican Republic (4)
Puerto Rico (3)
Guatemala (4)
Laos (Red Elephant) (4)
Hong Kong (2)
United Kingdom (2)
I Love JDM (2)
El Salvador (1)
France (1)
Hello Kitty (Head only) (2)
Hello Kitty (Full body) (6)
Black Mitsubishi logo (1)
Mugen (1)

Badges are doublesided, laminated, and come with a suction cup. Add this one of a kind mod to your ride and have the streets going "DAMN THATS TIGHT. WHERE'D HE GET THAT?!?!"

How much?
$7 for each badge (Plus shipping, see below)
$2 for the first badge shipped to U.S.
Add $1 shipping for each additional badge ordered
Local pickup available in Oakland, CA
*International shipping please contact me

What if I want a flag you don't have?
I also make custom badges. I can do your country flag, your state flag, perhaps your football team.
Custom badges cost an additional $4 because they will be individually produced as opposed to mass produced. Feel free to check out past custom orders here for ideas
Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

I want to buy!
I take paypal payments. PM me if interested in buying. Or email [email protected]

Duckdog 01-06-09 06:38 PM

I'll take two of the Pedo Bear ones for not banning you. :P

Nikon1 01-07-09 08:54 AM

Make it three - and we have a deal! :lol:

XzYBiT 02-04-09 03:35 PM

bump for new batch

XzYBiT 03-30-09 10:46 PM


XzYBiT 04-20-09 01:47 AM

bump buy my badges i need a supercharger :)

integra_guy 04-20-09 02:07 AM

I kinda like the Dominican Republic

XzYBiT 04-20-09 02:14 AM


Originally Posted by integra_guy (Post 1462036)
I kinda like the Dominican Republic

kinda wanna buy it?

TLMARCUS01 05-19-09 05:14 PM

If it adds as much hp as a K&N drop in I'll take it!! ...PM'd .. bump for nice item

rey rey 05-27-09 02:45 AM

got a pic of the puerto rican badge???

conyo man!

rey rey 05-28-09 11:08 PM

I dont know abut this guy... I wanted to buy the P.R. badge, he wanted paypall .. I dont have paypall so instead I told him to give me his addy and I would send a money order....... that was 2 days ago, no reply, no adddy....oh well.

XzYBiT 05-28-09 11:19 PM

I don't take money orders sorry

rey rey 05-28-09 11:57 PM

A heads up would have been nice. Good luck to you Sir.

XzYBiT 06-01-09 09:18 PM

first day of the month bump

rey rey 06-01-09 11:04 PM

Bump for a very nice item! How about food stamps man, you take food stamps!?! lol...

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