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PittTL 04-10-19 08:28 AM

P0685 check engine code,
My daughter has my 2010 TL at college. It now has a P0685 code and she said the car was driving funny and cut out but then came back on so she stopped driving it. The car is a few hours away. Any thought on what the issue could be since i will most likely have to get it to a garage i have never dealt with and do not want to get ripped off. Unless it could be something relatively simple in which case i can drive there tomorrow. I know its a vague question but all the info i have.

any help appreciated.

[email protected] 04-14-19 10:25 AM

This can be serious and needs to go to a repair shop. The code is for the cars engine control module power relay circuit. Could be as simple as a blown fuse, bad relay or the engine control module it'self is bad. It's a good thing she is not driving it right now. Good luck!

Emry 04-16-19 08:33 PM

Some people also have reported a bad battery had caused this fault code for them. Check the battery with a proper tool to determine its SOH which is state of health. If SOH is below 60% you need to replace the battery.

Astrobuf 04-16-19 11:03 PM

Not necessarily a serious expensive problem. But, when the code is set, the system leaves the computer powered up even if the engine is shut down.

If your batter is not dead, it soon will be.

Most likely, your problem is poor electrical connection to the battery.

Disconnect the battery, toss it if it is more than 3 yrs old, even if it tests ok.

Clean the battery terminal connections. Pay special attention to the accessory wire adjacent to the big starter cable on the positive side.

If this does not fix it, then another connection is bad and it is going to have to go to a Honda or Acura dealer.

huytnps01004 05-14-19 12:38 AM

Don't be sad

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