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Stormie 06-05-19 01:22 AM

2019 ILX with Premium Package - Two Feature Questions
Hello all -

On Friday I purchased a 2019 ILX with Premium package in dark gray with brown interior. I have a few questions about my car that my owners manual can't seem to answer:

Between the tachometer and speedometer, there is a small screen that reveals information regarding fuel range, tire pressure, et cetera. One of the screens states, "Turn By Turn Waiting For Smartphone Guidance". I'm unable to get it to work. I have an iPhone 8 with iOS 12.3.1 connected via CarPlay (USB. Does anyone know how to get it to work?

In the Owners Guide, there's a page that describes two key fobs "keyless access remote." A two-way version and a non-two way version. The two-way version has a button for remote start. However, the sales person indicated all packages (A-spec, technology, premium) do not have remote start.*My understanding is some older ILXs came with remote start. Also, the current generation Honda Civic has remote start.*Is this a feature I can add? if so, how?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Acura_Aaron 06-27-19 03:08 PM

Hey there Stormie

Regarding the Turn-By-Turn, from what I've been able to find it is supposed to work with Android Auto and Carplay, however the updates to Google Maps and Apple Maps have made the feature inconsistent at best due to changes outside Acura's control. You could take the car back to the dealer to see if their is an infotainment update available, but otherwise you have to wait on Apple to fix whatever broke the functionality from their end.

As for the Remote start, your dealership can install that as an OEM feature. Source I work at an Acura dealership and am staring at our ILX accessories sheet, "Remote Engine Starter" costs $610.95 to add.

Hope that helps, and congrats on your new ILX!

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