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Dr. Plastic 07-13-03 10:31 AM

Harsh Ride in a new RSX type S!
Hello All

I am the proud and happy owner of a 2003 Arctic blue RSX Type S. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing very harsh ride characteristics. I have had lowered suspensions on my last two cars and ran 225/45ZR17 rolling stock on each one but this car is hard and I mean really hard especially over minor RR tracks, frost heaves and pavement cracks. It actualy causes the back seat occupants to impact the ceiling on occasion. Is this caused by the tires or is the suspension on the RSX just too firm. I have set the PSI to 32 all the way around but this has not helped. I have moved over from a POS VW Passat W8 (lemon law repurchased) that had H&R sports installed and an Audi A4 with the sport suspension installed and none of them were even half as harsh riding as this car.


1/2 07-13-03 12:59 PM

The RSX is just a very firm ride, even the non-type S is rough like that. Hence it's so much fun to throw around a corner :)

Maybe some coilovers would help? What do you think folks?

sfmadmax 07-30-03 10:05 PM

Naw its the suspension.. i get it too.. im gonna replace mine... wiht aftermarkets.. just looking for a good brand

Dr. Plastic 07-31-03 05:00 AM

I just got my new rolling stock in from Wheel Max ( Excel DL-46 in hyperblack with Khumo 711 in 225/45hr17) and the ride has really improved. I'll post some pics as soon as I have some to post. it has been raining here in VA lately.

jlammy 08-03-03 03:31 PM

I had a 2001 VW GTI VR6 before I got my Type S. I personally like the stability on the GTI from the 225/45/17 tires :p.

Now that I am used to the RSX, I like the RSX's handling even more......LOL....

C25A1guy 08-13-03 12:21 PM

That's just how the suspension is set up from the factory. It's very stiff, but it'll soften over time. It'll always be fairly stiff (very stiff spring rates), but when the shocks start the wear in, it'll get a bit smoother.

robincali 01-29-20 05:05 PM

got 245,000 on my 03 rsx base. The ride has softened up a wee tiny bit Don't drive the thing immediately after a meal.

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