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These are the Technical Service Bulletins available for the RL.


90-003Belt Tension Gauge Calibration and RepairALL
96-004Air Conditioning System Performance TestALL
96-0063.5RL TQI InformationALL
96-009Removal of "Clear Guard" Protective FilmALL
96-010Minor Paint Finish RepairALL
96-017Speedometer Is Out of Tolerance1996 3.5RL Thru VIN JH4KA9. . .TC010719
96-025Navigation System Component In-Warranty Exchange/Out-of-Warranty Repair1996 – 04 3.5RL With Navigation System
96-0273.5RL: TQI of the Navigation System1996 3.5RL with Navigation System
96-029Buzzing Noise at the A-Pillar1996 – 97 3.5RL ALL
96-030Driver's Seat Rocks1996 3.5RL Thru VIN JH4KA9. . .TC010140
96-033SRS Inflator Simulator ToolsALL
96-039Power Steering Pressure GaugeALL
96-040Driver's Seat Clicks1996 3.5RL ALL
96-049Driver's Floor Mat Frayed1996 3.5RL ALL
96-0501997 Acura Paint Codes1997 3.5RL ALL
96-052Product Update Campaign: 3.5RL Power Windows1996 3.5RL See VEHICLES AFFECTED
97-001Supplemental Restraint System Inspection1996 – 97 3.5RL ALL with SRS
97-005Radio Interference From the Ignition Coil(s)1996 – 97 3.5RL See VEHICLES AFFECTED
97-007Inserting SRS Information at TQI1996 – 97 ALL
97-009Automatic Transmission Oil Pressure Testing ToolsALL
97-010New Fuel Pressure Gauge and Replacement PartsALL
97-012Nose Mask Flutters at Highway Speeds1996 – 97 3.5RL ALL
97-013Denso HLD-100 Halogen Leak DetectorALL
97-0161996-99 3.5RL: TQI of the Navigation System1996 – 99 3.5RL with Navigation System
97-0191996-97 3.5RL Power Window(s) Will Not Go Down1996 – 97 3.5RL ALL
97-025Brakes Squeal During Light Applications1996 – 97 3.5RL ALL
97-033No Sound From the Rear Speakers1997 3.5RL ALL (with BOSE audio system)
97-040Keyless Remote Transmitter InformationALL
97-0461998 Acura Paint Codes1998 ALL
98-001Hydraulic Lift TruckALL
98-004Audio Unit Anti-Theft Code Labels1998 and LATER ALL
98-005Boot Band ToolALL
98-015Special Tool Loan ProgramALL
98-027Knocking Noise From the Front Suspension1996 – 98 3.5RL ALL
98-028Intermittent Electrical Problems1996 – 01 3.5RL ALL
2002 3.5RL – From VIN JH4KA9...2C000001 thru JH4KA9...2C006092
98-029Moonroof Motor Runs With Moonroof Fully Open1996 – 97 3.5RL See VEHICLES AFFECTED
98-0301999 3.5RL TQI Information1999 3.5RL ALL
98-031Emissions Warranty Extension1996 – 97 ALL
98-032Low-Speed Brake Groan1998 3.5RL Thru VIN JH4KA9...WC007071
99-0051999 Acura Paint Codes1999 ALL
99-006Power Window(s) Will Not Go Down1998 3.5RL ALL
99-008Navigation System Locks Up or Resets1996 – 99 3.5RL ALL w/ Navigation System
99-010Cutting Keys With the Exacta Key Code CutterALL
99-014Fog Light(s) Do Not Work1996 – 98 3.5RL ALL
99-015Recommended MaterialsALL
99-016ABS Diagnostic Kit #010019611996 – 99 ALL Models with 6-pin ABS Inspection Connectors
99-023Safety Recall: Lower Ball Joints1996 – 98 3.5RL See VEHICLES AFFECTED
99-025MIL On With DTC P0133 or P01531998 3.5RL ALL
1999 3.5RL From VIN JH4KA9...XC000001 thru JH4KA9...XC003640
99-026MIL On With DTC P11061998 3.5RL Premium model thru VIN JH4KA9 . . . WC009607
99-027Wind Noise From the Center of the Dashboard1998 3.5RL ALL
1999 3.5RL ALL thru VIN JH4KA9...XC008991
99-029Ilco Immobilizer Key Code DuplicatorModels With a Type 1, 2, or 3 Immobilizer System
99-031Humming From the Dashboard After a Cold Start1998 3.5RL ALL
1999 3.5RL Thru VIN JH4KA9...XC010228
99-032Ball Joint Removal and Installation Tools1996 – 99 3.5RL ALL
99-033Paint Damage From Environmental FalloutALL
99-038Safety Recall: Extension Shaft Sealing Bolt1996 – 99 3.5RL See VEHICLES AFFECTED
99-041TQI of the DVD Navigation System2000–03 3.5RL with Navigation System
99-046Product Update Campaign: Driver's Seat Belt Buckle1999 3.5RL Thru VIN JH4KA9...XC008258
00-005Rattle From the Moonroof1996–99 3.5RL ALL
2000 3.5RL From VIN JH4KA9...YC000001 thru JH4KA9...YC005649
00-008Torque Converter Oil Seal Installation ToolAll Models With L4 or V6 Engine and A/T With 44 mm I.D. Torque Converter Oil Seal
00-010Squeak or Crunch From the Driver's Seat1999 3.5RL ALL
2000 3.5RL From VIN JH4KA....YC000001 thru JH4KA....YC006683
00-0122000 Acura Paint Codes2000 ALL
00-013Immobilizer System (Type 1)1996 and later 3.5RL ALL
00-017Trunk Lid Does Not Close Properly1996 – 99 3.5RL ALL
2000 3.5RL From VIN JH4KA9...YC000001 thru JH4KA9...YC009805
00-022Clunk While Turning the Steering Wheel1999 3.5RL ALL
2000 3.5RL From VIN JH4KA9...YC000001 thru JH4KA9...YC009203
00-024Steelman ChassisEAR Diagnostic ToolALL
00-025Deformed Windshield Molding1998 – 2000 3.5RL ALL
00-037Brake Disc Refinishing GuidelinesALL
00-038VSA System Indicator On With DTC 25 (25-1)2000 3.5RL From VIN JH4KA9...YC000001 thru JH4KA9...YC013801
00-039Terminal Replacement InstructionsALL
01-0022001 Acura Paint Codes2001 ALL
01-012Capturing and Downloading DTCs With the PGM TesterALL
01-0142002 3.5RL TQI and New Model Information2002 3.5RL ALL
01-026Using the Honda Interface Module (HIM) to update the ECM/PCM2002 and Later Vehicles With a Programmable ECM/PCM
02-004Clunk During 1st to 2nd Upshift1998 3.5RL Above VIN JH4KA9...WC010839
1999–01 3.5RL ALL
2002 3.5RL From VIN JH4KA9...2C000001 thru JH4KA9...2C008332
02-0082002 Acura Paint Codes2002 ALL
02-013Safety Recall: Brake Pedal Position Switch2000 3.5RL From VIN JH4KA9...YC006944 thru JH4KA9...YC016470
2001 3.5RL ALL
2002 3.5RL From VIN JH4KA9...2C000011 thru JH4KA9...2C012956
02-015SRS Indicator Comes On With SRS DTC(s) 15-1, 15-2, 15-31999–01 3.5RL ALL
2002 3.5RL From VIN JH4KA9...2C00001 thru JH4KA9...2C012399
02-020Initializing the Occupant Position Detection SystemALL Models With Side Airbags
02-030TQI of the DVD Navigation System With Voice Recognition2004 3.5RL ALL
02-031Starter Makes a Grinding Noise1996–02 3.5RL ALL
02-0382003 Acura Paint Codes2003 ALL
03-001MIL Comes On With DTC P1457: EVAP Bypass Solenoid Valve Failure1999–02 3.5RL
03-0072004 3.5RL: TQI and New Model Information2004 3.5RL ALL
03-0092004 Acura Paint Codes2004 ALL
03-010OBD II DTCs and Their Associated MonitorsAll OBD II equipped models except SLX
03-020Safety Recall: 3.5RL Brake Master Cylinder2000 3.5RL From VIN JH4KA9...YC000013 thru JH4KA9...YC001012

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Are these all the recalls on the RL?

and does that mean the dealer will fix it for free if you have any of those symtoms ?
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these are not recalls, just technical service bulletins. most dealers do not seem to have any issues with fixing the problems listed at no cost but some do regardless of if you walk in there with the TSB or not.
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as for the knocking suspension problem, so acura will fix it with no cost?

I changed my struts to new oem's and the rears still make a "tap" tap" noise when I go over bumps.
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these are not all recalls per se...

click the TSB and read the PDF file for details.

If your car is no longer under warranty, they are not obligated to fix this for you for free... however, some may be eligible for goodwill consideration. so be nice when you go to the dealer.

also printout the TSB for reference. but don't think that it will guarantee you an automatic fix.

the TSB usually highlights common trouble areas, but if you car is not having the same problem as on the TSB, then there may not be a reason to fix it.

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jinny this is the best information EVER
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I checked with my local Acura dealer, and they say that I need to contact the "District Technical Manager" whoever that may happen to be as they have no clue. Anyone tried any of the dealers in NY to get any of these fixed by "goodwill"?

Any idea if dealers will not charge labor if the parts are purchased by the custoumer or vice-versa?
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goodwill fixes are tough to finagle...

I have not seen it done, unless it was a cheap fix and/or it was included as part of other expensive services.

regarding labor charge, the dealer will always charge for it if possible, especially if the customer buys the parts from somewhere else and brings 'em in to install.

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Most NY dealers contacted say that TSBs are honored for a goodwill consideration only within 24 months of issue date. Beyond that, no one would do it.
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You can try the better business bureau
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Goodwill repairs

It’s hard to fathom Acura's thinking. This is the company that introduced the premium Japanese automobile to North America and was spectacularly successful with it, then fumbled the ball so badly Johnny-come-lately Lexus ate its lunch, breakfast and dinner. Today it tries to sell its excellent cars for roughly the same price as competing Lexus products notwithstanding Acura has substantially shorter warranties and dealers are stingy with goodwill repairs. November/05 RL sales were down a whopping 35.8% over the previous year. Hmmmm.....
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I got two new factory wheels for free....at 500 bucks each i love Clair Acura in MA
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Smile Looking for Head Unit reset code

Hello fellow Acura owners, While in the process of searching for the cause of smoke rolling out of the dash of my 96 RL(which killed the speedometer & Odometer) I lsost power to the Radio Head Unit. I need the reset code.

Thanks, acguru

Update on speedometer problem. My "96" RL at the local Acura dealership with a replaced speed sensor but still no speed indication. Dealer says I need the Speedometer and Odometer circuit board head units(for only$1200.00) Are there any other options besides the salvage yard for reasonable parts.


Last edited by acguru; 05-21-07 at 11:58 PM. Reason: Daughter in from school and needs the car.
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Smile 96 RL Driver door problem

Hello Acura gang, The Driver side door handle broke when my wife went to open it(better it than my wife). Would anyone happen to have a door panel removal procedure. THANKS
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