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Acura2g 02-28-06 10:11 AM

Acuraworld Offical Integra Picture Thread(Pictures ONLY!)
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Mod Edit: As of July 09, 2010 all posts not containing pictures have been deleted. This includes posts with broken links and photobucket "Picture moved or deleted" errors. If your post was deleted it did not have a picture in it. If you believe your post was deleted in error please PM S2K2K4. Thank you.

If you post anything but pictures IT WILL BE DELETED. We are trying to keep it strickly pictures so people can view cars easily. With that being said:
My Teg:

Bernd04 02-28-06 10:28 AM

Try2Live4God 02-28-06 01:40 PM

Nesty 02-28-06 04:13 PM

integra_guy 02-28-06 04:33 PM

adventscars 02-28-06 05:57 PM

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A little dirty, but it'll do.

woo! page 1!

gbronz 02-28-06 07:05 PM

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Mine : last summer

IntegraDriver 02-28-06 08:18 PM

hotsuma23 02-28-06 10:47 PM

rewsintegra 03-01-06 01:40 AM

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ok most of my pics are on the old pic sticky. yall need to delete that so i can put them back up on here.
and that one is a negative of the teg

xLAD23DERx 03-01-06 11:48 AM

my digi cam died, so here's some sigs with my teg in it...

sorry for the crappy pics :(

this was taken at my fiance's father's house... that's his neighbors house in the background...

JubeiK99DC2 03-01-06 01:16 PM

S2K2K4 03-02-06 12:43 AM

BK_King 03-02-06 11:20 PM

Axell 03-03-06 02:15 AM

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