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1. What are the Changes?
1. What are the changes?

Here is a run-down of the changes:

- Version update, we went from version 3.6.5 to 3.7.6. This update incorporates many bug fixes and new privacy measures.

- Installation of Gallery software - Share your vehicle photos with all the members!

- Youtube integration - Type in any Youtube URL and it will automatically be embedded into your post.

- Auto Image Resizing – Pictures linked to or uploaded on the site will be automatically resized, so images will not break up the page.

The navigation bar that was on the right side before, has now been enabled on all pages. The right nav contains advertisements, which in turn generate revenues to help support this community. If you do not like the right column, for your convenience, all premium members can now turn-off the right-column in your User CP as follows:

Step 1: Click on your “User CP” (on the top “nav bar”)
Step 2: Click on “Edit Your Details” (in left menu)
Step 3: Click “Disable” on Sidebar option (under “Additional Information”)

- Google advertisement – we have added a new Google ad placement for “Guests only” between the 1st and 2nd post of each thread. This placement does NOT appear for registered members, and hopefully will encourage more of our guests to register for the website.

- Intellitext advertising – Another revenue generating measure to help cover the costs of operation. All registered users can disable the Intellitxt ads (highlighted words in green) in your User CP (under "Edit Profile") by clicking the "Disable" box. This is another measure to encourage “lurkers” to register and participate in the site.

2. What is this Premium Membership? Do I have to pay now?
2. What is the Premium Membership all about?

No you do not have to pay. However, we are now offering a Lifetime membership in addition to the 1 year option. This site has always been free, and will continue to be so.

Registered Users- As always, registered users will have free access to the site with our regular registration. Users can navigate the site, send private messages, and contribute to threads on the forums. Registered users can also turn the “left nav” off. Please see FAQ question #1 (above) for detailed instructions.

Premium Membership- The premium membership package offers the same level of access as above, with the addition of being able to have a larger avatar, more private message space, bigger gallery space, as well as the option to remove most of the ads. Also, you will receive a nice shiny new tag under your username. The premium membership costs $15 per year, and will help support further upgrades and better servers for

Lifetime Membership- Lifetime Membership is a one-time donation to have everything which is included with a premium membership, and also includes a sticker package to show your Acuraworld support on your car or toolbox. The lifetime membership costs a one-time fee of $40 and once again goes towards supporting Acuraworld including further upgrades and better servers.

Memberships on are optional, and you should not feel obligated to pay – the economy is very tough right now, and we understand if now is not the best time.
Hopefully this site has saved you more money then a premium membership will ever cost you. We certainly appreciate the contributions (posts, answering questions, etc.) that each of you has already provided. Your financial contribution would be appreciated, but is by no means a requirement.

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