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  1. CSX / EL
    Hey im looking to put a cold air intake on my (98) EL 1.6. My problem is I havent been able to find a 1.6 Cold Air Intake. All I have been able to find 1.7 Cold Air Intake. So my question is can you put a 1.7 intake system on 1.6, or is there 1.6 system and where can I get it. Thanks in advance...
  2. Do It Yourself
    The steering in our 2003 1.7 EL has always been stiff (I took it to dealership years ago, they said it was "normal"). But it seems to be getting worse. Has anyone else had a problem with stiff steering on this model, and have you discovered the underlying problem? Thanks.:paranoid:
  3. CSX / EL
    Hi guys, im searching for Acura 1.7El exterior parts like headlights and taillights and other parts... If u know where i can buy them.. tell me!! thx
1-3 of 3 Results