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  1. '99 Acura RL - ATF Change: Way high on the dipstick, drain pan empty

    1st Gen RL
    Hey Folks! I did an ATF change and evidently put in way too much fluid down the dipstick tube. I'd say a smidge over a quart came out (very brown) and I put in 3 quarts per EricTheCarGuy on youtube. I took it for a spin and it felt okay in the first couple gears. To check the level, I got the...
  2. 99 TL alarm issue

    2nd Gen TL
    Hey guys, Ive had my TL for about 4 moths now. its a 99, with 208k on it and still running strong. My driver door does not lock with the rest of the power doors. If i lock it manually, the alarm will go off through out the day and night. because of this I have been leaving one of the doors...
  3. Bought a short ram intake but my 0-60 is a lot slower, What can i do?? HELPP!!

    2nd Gen TL
    I have 1999 Acura TL 3.2 with about 95,000 miles on it. I just installed a Weapon-R Secret Weapon Intake System. Here is where i bought it from: Acura 99-03 TL (3.2L) Weapon-R Secret Weapon Intake System (301-118) Now i timed my 0-60 with the stock intake and got 7.3 sec and when i installed...
  4. 99 Integra burning a ton of oil

    Hi Guys My 99 Integra has 133K miles on it. Its been fantastic for me since the day I bought it. I am the only owner and have taken great care of it. Recently, I have been taking it for oil changes and they have told me there is not even a drop of oil left. Problem is sometimes only 3 months &...
  5. Raist's 1999 Teg Newb Thread

    So I finally got rid of my old beast and picked up my 1999 Acura Integra SE 2 door Coupe yesterday. 186,000 km on it and I got it for under 5000 before taxes etc. Already I'm loving it. Now that I have a much nicer car (compared to my previous cars - yes they have been crap)I have some plans to...