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  1. Want To Buy
    Hey, I want to swap the exhaust system of my 2002 Accord with 2002 CL-S. That's why I am looking for 2002 Acura CL type S exhaust pipe and mufflers. I live in Hudson County, New Jersey. I can pick up if you are close by. Regards,
  2. Cars For Sale
    I am parting out our wrecked Acura CL type S. I has damaged front cap on passenger side but the rest of the car is in perfect shape. Fully Loaded flawless leather tan interior. Black in color. Engine is in excellent shape with 118,000 miles. Parting out EVERYTHING !!!! Call and make an offer on...
  3. RSX
    Im sure this has been asked a ton but I have an 02 RSX and want to put a subwoofer and amp in but am unsure as to where I should do that, so if you have a link to pictures that would be great, any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I am looking to replace the stock speakers, should i get...
  4. RSX
    2002 Acura RSX: Finders Keepers Turbocharged, JDM, cleaner than the day it was made. And that’s only part of this DIY RSX Type-S story. As writers of the world’s leading import automotive authority–one dedicated to representing a wide variety of the tuning spectrum–we sometimes struggle to...
  5. Cars For Sale
    I am selling a 2002 Acura RSX with just over 77,000 miles. it has had brakes put on it around 1000 miles ago. it has a N1 after market exhaust , cold air over sized intake, after market indash radio with mp3 hook up and new Sony door speakers and tweeters. i am located in Matamoras PA i am...
  6. 2nd Gen TL (1998-2003)
    OK - now my TL transmission is dead. Acura dealer called me today to say it would cost me $4,100 to replace it. (MO) Service Advisor is requesting assistance from the "Regional Acura guy" to see if he will help out since the transmission has been proven to be a total lemon. She asked me if I...
  7. Want To Buy
    I'm looking for an OEM 2002-2003 TL Passenger headlight. Something in good condition and preferably cheaper than whats on ebay.
  8. 2nd Gen TL (1998-2003)
    I have a 2002 TL-S and i am looking to upgrade my radio. my friend has an AVIC-700 BT for sale for a really good price and i am thinking about buying it. the only problem i face is that when i go to see if it fits (on websites) they all say it wont fit. i think my boy had the same problem...
1-8 of 8 Results