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  1. New 2004 TL Owner

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everybody. I just got my first Acura - I have owned 3 Honda Preludes but I wanted something bigger and with a V-6. I think I choose right and hope to do a few mods to it in the near future. Glad to be here and look forward to gaining some insight.
  2. WTB> 04-06 TL Black or White 6MT

    Cars For Sale
    Looking for a 04-06 Acura TL Exterior: Black or White Interior: Black Trans: 6MT Thanks =]
  3. Good tires for 'winter weather' that are ALL SEASON? '04 TSX

    1st Gen TSX
    I'm wondering if anyone out there can recommend the best 'bad weather' (rain/snow/ice) tires that are still in the ALL SEASON category. I've had Michelin Pilots and the performance in New England weather is poor. Best if they aren't too expensive, but I'll take all recommends. Thanks! Acura...
  4. Looking for Problems on 2004 TL

    3rd Gen TL
    Hello Everybody. I have owned a 2004 Acura TL for about 3 years now and wanted to get some other drivers feedback on if they have encountered any problems with this car. So far I have only had some minor problems and the car has performed well. You can see a complete list of problems I have...