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  1. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    06 Acura revved up while driving and then had nothing. came to complete stop and couldn't move. Put it in park turned it off, waited 30 seconds, restarted the car and shifted and drove away fine. problem repeated about 4 times til i limped home. no clunking, grinding or any noises. what could it be?
  2. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    Hello all, I have a 2006 Acura tl (3.2l v6 automatic) and ever since the winter of 2019 it will not rev past 5500 rpms, during the summer of 2020 my transmission went, so I went ahead and got it rebuilt. Previous problems that are fixed is heater core, powersteering (X2), and coolant leak. I...
  3. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    I continue to see this blinking light very randomly next to the drive light when I'm driving. Does this mean my transmission is about to die? I have the transmission fluid flushed and filled, and its slowly become more and more common over the last couple months.
  4. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    I have a 2006 Acura TL I just bought. It drove great on the test drive, paid the guy, and then the problems started. The vsc light came on and when I'm driving the dash board gauges will suddenly drop. the car is still running and driving, but the gauges will completely stop working, and then...
  5. RSX
    Honda Recalls S2000, Acura RSX to Fix Brake Problem Honda is recalling about 18,000 vehicles including the Acura RSX sedan and the Honda S2000 sports car sold in the U.S. because of a brake problem. The automaker said a manufacturing error in the power brake system components may cause it to...
  6. 2nd Gen RL (2005-2012)
    I love my 2006 RL with a passion. With 110,000 miles it still looks brand new. However, when I go out to start it these days, the engine will crank about 4 times until it catches. It's a "quick crank" mind you, not something that sounds like the car is suffering at all. It just doesn't fire up...
  7. 1st Gen TSX (2004-2008)
    My first post! I just got a 2006 TSX and I wanted to get the switchblade type key that is in the new Acura’s. Yes I know there are many other threads about the switchblade key but I couldn’t find anything recent. So to my understanding is that you buy the key and then you have to get it cut...
  8. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    Hello again, if any of you remember my last post a few months ago i was looking to upgrade to a newer acura. I was driving my 1991 integra 5 speed up untill october 24th, as that was when i was due to get an E test, and I had a feeling it wouldnt pass, there were a lot of little problems like a...
  9. 1st Gen TSX (2004-2008)
    Hey guys I'm about to buy a 2006 Acura TSX. I was wondering if the stock system was the 8-speaker, 360-watt Acura Premium Sound System with 6-disc in-dash CD changer. Some I've heard thats the sound system that comes with the TSX with the navigation system. I'm buying the base TSX and I want to...
  10. Cars For Sale
    Looking for a 04-06 Acura TL Exterior: Black or White Interior: Black Trans: 6MT Thanks =]
  11. CSX / EL
    Looking for a rear hitch for my 2006 CSX (for a bike rack). Can't find any company who makes it for the CSX. I have looked at the 5 major companies but no luck... Can anyone help ? Thanks, Francois
1-12 of 13 Results