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  1. 1997 Acura 2.5 TL Vehicle Speed Sensor HELP!

    1st Gen TL
    Hi everyone, sorry to bother!, I'm having an issue with my V.S.S in my 97 acura 2.5 TL Diagnostic codes: P1791 / P0700 / P0500 / P0135 ( which is o2 sensor a totally different issue I'm guessing ) Issues that are noticable by me: No Speedomter / odomoeter / trip counter Could someone please...
  2. 2.5 TL Premium owner

    New Member Introductions
    Went to a neighbor and persuaded him to sell his 2.5 TL Premium . Now I'm a proud owner of "Great Car" it is 1996 has 122K. Looks like it needs a tune up pretty soon. So I'll seek relevant help in here first. I intent to do all the work except fluid related. Anybody direct me or give me the...