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  1. '05 TL 6MT Jerky Ride. Tranny? Or something else?

    3rd Gen TL
    Original owner of this car with 113k miles. Had the 3rd gear issue years ago but replacing the fluid solved that and it hasn't been a problem since. I've always had issues in 1st gear where at times, the car shudders and jerks until you shift or stop. Now I'm getting a similar shudder in 2nd and...
  2. FS: (Canada) 04-05 TSX A-spec Suspension

    Aftermarket Parts and Accessories
    FS: 04 TSX A-spec Suspension A-spec suspension. Bought it for my 2004 6MT TSX 2 years ago. Never got around to installing it. Got hooked on photography, now I'm poor and care more about cameras than cars (sorry if this offends any1, I sincerely apologize, but cars are just too expensive of a...
  3. AutoBlog Review

    4th Gen TL
    2010 Acura TL SH-AWD 6MT is Mouthful; Not a Handful When the redesigned Acura TL debuted in late 2008, it represented a substantial transformation over previous iterations. The third-generation model retained the transverse V6 of its two predecessors, but for the first time included an...