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  1. Belt Tensioner Replacement?

    1st Gen TSX
    RE: 2008 Acura TSX (w/navi); 115k miles Hey Everyone, Newbie here! So I just purchased this Acura: it's my first TSX and I'm psyched...However there are certain issues that do need fixing/replacing - wish me luck. Serpentine Belt and Belt Tensioner pulley: Seems that the belt-tensioner...
  2. 1990 Acura Legend LS

    1st Gen Legend Performance
    I have a '90 Acura Legend LS. V-6, stick, fuel injected, dual Overhead cams and Turbo. 187,000 miles runs great. New brakes and tires. Low gear synchromesh is making noise. The A/C works on occasion? The drivers side window doesn't roll up on down. It needs a new motor for the window. I...
  3. 96 integra a/c problems

    i have a 96 integra that i cant seem to get the a/c to work on...i have checked the relays and it is fine i have ran a jumper wire to it and the pump will kick on fine but i cant seem to find where the wires go to track down the problem is there a a/c wiring diagram anywhere i looked in hayes...
  4. A/C parts out of 1996 Integra GSR

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    I got the compressor, condensor, dryer and all the lines. I line has a hole in it, it is one that conects at the firewall. parts just sitting, all worked fine when in car before line got hole from rubbing clamp for intake. I removed because car is now gutted to run SCCA racing, email me at...
  5. Engine noise when AC is turned on

    2nd Gen TL
    strange noise coming from the belt\pulley area , sort of a clicking\chafing\slight clunking noise comes and goes only when the AC is turned on. can anyone help me troubleshoot the problem and also what it would cost to fix.