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  1. Radio Serial Number

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, Acura TSX 2011 base model. I unplugged my battery for EPS replacement and now my radio is locked, needless to say I don't have the Radio Pin Code. I have tried the Power+1+6 combination to get the 8-digit serial # but the only codes I get is BCB2900 and apparently this is not the correct #...
  2. LeftLaneNews: 10 UnderRated Cars

    2nd Gen TSX
    10 Seriously UnderRated New Cars Take a gander at the country's best-selling cars and you'll find a list of decent but mostly unexciting vehicles, the kind of safe choices clearly favored by the masses. But just because your neighbors don't have one doesn't mean that a car isn't worth some...
  3. TSX: AutoPacific's Most Ideal Luxury Mid-Size Car

    2nd Gen TSX
    Acura TSX – AutoPacific’s Most Ideal Luxury Mid-Size Car TSX Outpoints Lincoln MKZ for IVA Win: The 2012 Acura TSX comes closest to the ideal of any Luxury Mid-Size Car. The TSX is 29 rating points higher than the 2nd place Luxury Mid-Size Car – the Lincoln MKZ. Having 80% or more of owners...
  4. MotorTrend: Sporty Luxury Sedan Comparo

    2nd Gen TSX
    The More Things Change: 8 Contenders Vie for Sport Sedan Supremecy In the car world, a new BMW 3 Series is a big deal. BMW created the small sport sedan class in 1975 with the original E21 3, and even before that with the iconic 2002. Along with the Mercedes-Benz 190E, the segment really...
  5. 2012 Special Edition TSX

    2nd Gen TSX
    Acura Announces 2012 "Special Edition" TSX Sedan As Acura looks to keep its TSX lineup fresh, the automaker has added a new variant for the 2012 model year known as the Special Edition, complete with changes inside and out. While Acura has yet to release actual images of the car, we do have...
  6. Acura TSX Wagon vs Nissan Murano

    2nd Gen TSX
    Apples to Oranges: 2011 Nissan Murano & the 2011 Acura TSX Wagon Crossovers are the hottest body styles to come along since pillarless hard-top convertibles. Station wagons, by contrast, are as dead as tailfins and wrap-around windshields. For more, see my epitath. So what are they doing in...