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  1. MDX
    05 Acura MDX w/ Bose: Replacing Stereo & Nav, Adding Subs & Amp: Questions and Issues I have a 2005 Acura MDX with Navigation, Bose and On-Star. I am trying to get an aftermarket android LCD Stereo, to replace the stock stereo, but need the proper wire harnesses. I also want to replace the...
  2. MDX
    I just acquired my first Acura and I was disappointed to see the stock stereo does not support A2DP for music over Bluetooth. I want to replace the single DIN stereo with a Double DIN CarPlay unit if it’s possible. I was hoping to reroute the backup camera off the tiny rear view mirror one and...
  3. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    2006 acura Tl no Navi. i took apart my dash and wired everything to the aftermarket head unit using a wiring harness. the head unit lights up and bluetooth connects to my phone and everything but no sound plays through the speakers at all. could i have blown a fuse and if so which fuse would it...
  4. 1st Gen RL (1996-2004)
    can someone please give me a site or something that has aftermarket parts for a 2000 RL? i know its not common but there has to be something.. ive been trying to find tail lights... like the european style... just white and red.. no yellow... but cant seem to find them anywhere... somebody...
  5. Integra
    Hello again! I have searched around for this topic but couldn't really find anything. I am looking to put some aftermarket rims on my '96 Integra SE. I know the OEM size is 195/55/15, but what other larger sizes would fit? Thanks a ton! :)
  6. 4th Gen TL (2009-2014)
    Hey guys. I'm new to Acuraworld and well, Acura in general. Just got my license and my '10 SH-AWD TL back 3 months ago and me being the testosterone fueled 17 yr old guy that I am, naturally I want to add some aftermarket parts to my baby. Only thing is though, I'm really confused with which...
1-6 of 6 Results