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  1. Ask The Dealer
    Hello, I just replaced my alternator last week on my 07 Acura TL (with166000 miles).It drove fine for a few days but now the battery light keeps coming on and going off.The car has not died since the alternator was replaced. Also the passenger airbag light has started going off and I received a...
  2. 1st Gen TSX (2004-2008)
    Does anybody have problems with their airbag sensors randomly turning on and stays on for a while and then return to normal? Does anyone how much it would be to fix either the airbag or sensor?
  3. 2nd Gen CL
    2003 Acura 3.2CL Recalled Vehicle Make / Model: Model Year(s): ACURA / 3.2CL 2003 ACURA / 3.2TL 2002-2003 HONDA / ACCORD 2001-2002 HONDA / CIVIC 2001-2003 HONDA / CRV 2002 HONDA / ODYSSEY 2002 HONDA / PILOT 2003...
  4. MDX
    Dealers Fix AirBag Problem in Recalled Acura MDX SUVs WASHINGTON, D.C. --- American Honda Motor Co. has recalled 644 MY 2010 Acura MDX SUVs because of an air bag problem. However, nearly all of the vehicles covered by the recall have already been repaired before being sold from Acura...
1-4 of 4 Results