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  1. High Output Alternator - Canadian Teg vs. ?

    Hey guys!! So I got a crazy question about H/O alty's. I dropped a rather hefty sound system in my '96 SE, and the nightmare of not having enough power arose very quickly. I've been doing some research on purchasing a H/O alty for it and came across a notice on almost all alternator sales...
  2. Issues with starting my car on random days!! HELP!

    Ask The Dealer
    I was wondering if anyone can help answer my problem first before I actually try to fix the problem and it not be the problem. Sooo, some more ideas would help! thanks. Well, my acura rsx has been acting up...strangely. On random days whenever it wants'll crank and not turn over. Some...
  3. Alternator replacement

    2nd Gen TL
    Hey guys... I am going to try and tackle replacing my alternator on my 1999 3.2 tl. Before I dig into the engine I was hoping for a few tips/suggestions... Are there any videos out there that relate to the 99 3.2 tl alternator replacement? I am thinking the toughest part is going to be...
  4. FS Honda Acura Delphi OEM V6 Alternator NEW IN BOX

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    Genuine Delphi Honda / Acura V6 alternator fits accord V6 and Acura V6 cars and possibly other models as well Part # is 31100-P8C-A02. It also replaces part # 31100-P8A-A01, 31100-P8C-A01, and 31100-P8A-A02 Please check at the dealership or online to confirm that this part number can be used...