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  1. new aftermarket ehad unit installed, no sound from speakers

    3rd Gen TL
    2006 acura Tl no Navi. i took apart my dash and wired everything to the aftermarket head unit using a wiring harness. the head unit lights up and bluetooth connects to my phone and everything but no sound plays through the speakers at all. could i have blown a fuse and if so which fuse would it...
  2. Experiences with Gateway Lite BT or Scosche BlueFusion bluetooth units?

    1st Gen TSX
    Hi all, I'm adding streaming bluetooth audio (A2DP) to my wife's '05 TSX (no nav). Simplicity is the goal here so I'm not looking at units that add another screen or control. Through searching I found the Gateway Lite BT and the Scosche BlueFusion. Anyone have experience with either of these...
  3. High Output Alternator - Canadian Teg vs. ?

    Hey guys!! So I got a crazy question about H/O alty's. I dropped a rather hefty sound system in my '96 SE, and the nightmare of not having enough power arose very quickly. I've been doing some research on purchasing a H/O alty for it and came across a notice on almost all alternator sales...
  4. custom sub box

    Do It Yourself
    I've owned a few honda's (an accord and a civic) but purchased my first Acura a few days ago. I now own a 2003 Acura TL. It's a pretty snazzy ride, especially compared to my previous 96 accord. Anywho, I'm wanting to build an equally nice subwoofer enclosure for 2 10" Kicker L5's. The box...
  5. Changing Audio on 2005 TL

    3rd Gen TL
    Hi I would like to have opinion on changing the audio system on my 2005 TL (canadian model without NAV) for adding iPod support (or at least MP3) with MP3 CD and maybe GPS. Would i be able to get better sound, same on-steering control ? can someone suggest models Thanks Gibbs
  6. Messed it up already !!!!!

    O.K., I know I'm an idiot, but I"m getting better since I traded my 740 on a mint 02 TL w/ Nav. Unfortunately, when I was putting the first CD in the changer, I didn"t push "load" and now the CD is stuck in the changer (I guess, I can't see it) and I'm getting an error message referring me to...
  7. New Speakers

    2nd Gen TL
    I have an '02 TL-S and i want new speakers... well i need new speakers. i just installed a pioneer touchscreen and fucked my speakers all up. the guys at the audio place i went to said that i could get a set of speakers with tweeters... even tho as we know and detest the cars dont come with...
  8. Best Factory Audio System

    Acura ZDX: The Best Factory Audio System? When Acura changed their family design and started delivering new Acura TLs (one of my favorite cars) to dealerships last year I was disappointed. In my humble opinion they turned an elegant, very attractive vehicle into a its ugly robotic sister. My...
  9. Loose wire in audio 04 TL

    3rd Gen TL
    I have an 04 TL. This week my radio stopped working when I hit a bump. The nav screeen still works and all of the controls still work. The speakers do not work from either the radio or the nav system. Once in a while, when I hit another bump, I get loud static for a second and sometimes the...
  10. 2006 MDX Speaker Upgrade- Please help

    Hi, I have '06 MDX (Base Model). I would like to upgrade my speakers. Has any one upgraded? I need your advice. Thanks in Advance.