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  1. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    Hello all, I have a 2006 Acura tl (3.2l v6 automatic) and ever since the winter of 2019 it will not rev past 5500 rpms, during the summer of 2020 my transmission went, so I went ahead and got it rebuilt. Previous problems that are fixed is heater core, powersteering (X2), and coolant leak. I...
  2. Cars For Sale
    85k miles (80% highway) Clean title Automatic Very clean and well kept Bluetooth audio and phone capability AUX and USB ports Lowered on Megan Racing fully adjustable coilovers 35% tint all around Tan leather interior 19" Stern St-2 wheels 90% tread left on tires Custom brake calipers...
  3. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    Hello again, if any of you remember my last post a few months ago i was looking to upgrade to a newer acura. I was driving my 1991 integra 5 speed up untill october 24th, as that was when i was due to get an E test, and I had a feeling it wouldnt pass, there were a lot of little problems like a...
  4. 3rd Gen TL (2004-2008)
    Hi guys. I just bought a 2005 TL with 80K miles on it. I noticed that when I shift from Park to Drive or Park to Reverse, the transmission takes about 2-3 seconds to actually engage the gear. Is this common in TLs or is my transmission going bad? Thanks in advance.
1-4 of 4 Results