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  1. 2013 RDX Wins KBB 5 Yr Cost to Own Award

    Acura RDX Tops German Competitors for 5-Year Cost to Own Award Car buyers tend to fixate on the price tag when shopping, but Kelley Blue Book's points out that a vehicle's total purchase cost usually accounts for less than half of its total cost of ownership during a 5-year...
  2. 2011 ALG Residual Value Award Winner

    4th Gen TL
    Acura Wins 2011 ALG Residual Value Award Acura announced today that the TL performance luxury sedan received the 2011 ALG Residual Value Award for Best Near Luxury Car. The ALG Residual Value Awards recognize the vehicle in each industry segment that is predicted to retain the highest...
  3. Best Car for the Employed Gay

    Top Gay Cars 2010 Best Car for the Employed Gay "Acura ZDX named top gay car." Acura ZDX wins best car for the gay professional. This year, the Best Car for the Gay Professional category has been replaced by the more general prize for the gay employed. I present the Acura ZDX for the gay that...
  4. WindingRoad Interior Design Award Winner

    2010 WindingRoad Interior Design Award Sit in the passenger seat in an Acura ZDX for long enough & you'll probably notice that the concaved & nicely arched piece of leather trim in front of you is fairly original. What you'll never pick up on, unless you work for Acura design or attended the...