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  1. Navigation Not Working

    I had a 2009 MDX that I bought previously owned from a Honda dealer. I had to change the battery but when the navigation booted up, it told me to enter a password. I tried to register my vehicle on the Acura site but it said I had a inaccurate VIN number. Now my navigation doesn't work and I...
  2. Good alternator,battery,starter but battery dies

    Do It Yourself
    2006 Acura TL - My battery kept dying after a week or so of driving. Then I would jump start it and the car would be fine for another week until I let it sit for the weekend. The battery was new, the starter and alternator all checked good. Turns out there was a power leakage. I went to the...
  3. Battery drain stops when I pull hazard fuse or seatbelt fuse

    Got a weird issue with my '90 Integra. Battery drains faster than it should. With key out of ignition it draws about 220ma. If I pull the hazard fuse or the "Passive Motor R" fuse (used for automatic seatbelts) the current drops to normal range (about 20-40ma). This makes no sense to me. I'm...
  4. 92 gsr engine to chassis ground wire shorted out

    Ask The Dealer
    Hi I have a 92 gsr and there was a wire going from the battery to a bolt under hood im assuming it was a ground wire for something but not sure what. It went from negative terminal to chassis. Anyway the other day i opened the hood and noticed that my intake filter was falling off, so i pushed...
  5. Alarm stopped but dash lights stay on

    1st Gen RL
    My wife left the lights on and drained the battery in our 2000RL. The alarm went off when I tried to jump it. So I removed the battery and had it charged. After installing battery. The alarm dash lights stay on and it will not release from park. I have temporarily used the valet key to get...