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  1. 1st Gen RL
    I'm trying to replace my blinkers with LEDs, but I can't find the flasher relay to replace with an LED relay, unless the car has some special relay like on a ford escort?
  2. 1st Gen RL
    Hi everyone, have a problem with the signals and hazards on my 97 RL checked all fuses and they are all good, relay works (new), only get signals if I short the leads at the hazard switch. I tried to order a hazard switch from acura, but they're backordered..for an indefinite time...went to...
  3. 2nd Gen TL
    So basically my wheel well guard ripped out a week or so ago and broke the blinker socket as it ripped out while leaving the blinker node and bulb completely unharmed. Dealer wanted 30 bucks for the socket so i went to the junkyard and pulled an identical one from a civic for free no problem...
1-3 of 3 Results