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  1. No blinkers, no hazards, new relay

    1st Gen RL
    Hi everyone, have a problem with the signals and hazards on my 97 RL checked all fuses and they are all good, relay works (new), only get signals if I short the leads at the hazard switch. I tried to order a hazard switch from acura, but they're backordered..for an indefinite time...went to...
  2. Fast Blink 99 Tl, can someone tell me the wiring diagram?

    2nd Gen TL
    So basically my wheel well guard ripped out a week or so ago and broke the blinker socket as it ripped out while leaving the blinker node and bulb completely unharmed. Dealer wanted 30 bucks for the socket so i went to the junkyard and pulled an identical one from a civic for free no problem...