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  1. 99 2.3 Blower Motor Transistor

    1st Gen CL
    All of the sudden my blower is stuck on high. From other Acura forums and a little DIY I had on a Focus a few months back I'm hearing it is the Blower Motor Transistor. Part number 79330-SF1-941. Problem is cheapest I can find it is $95... $140 at the dealer!! I'm handy and I am reading when...
  2. My heat needs to chill out!

    3rd Gen TL
    Hi all- New here, posting a question for my dad. He recently purchased a 2005 TL with 25k miles on it. Ever since it started getting cold, he's noticed some sort of a "glitch" in the heat controls. I checked it out and here's what I found: The heat will blow out full hot until you turn the...