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  1. VSA, ABS and yellow/!\

    Ask The Dealer
    Hello, newbie to the forum thing but a big DIY guy. I bought a 2004 TL and it was pulling to the right so I took it into a shop and they said I needed to replace the right passenger side lower control arm and the steering knuckle. Probably the cause of the steering was the previous owner slid...
  2. 07 TL-S Navi Reboot on braking

    3rd Gen TL
    A small video file demonstration is attached. I have a 2007 TL-S. For a while now I have the intermittant problem that occurs when either I hit the brake or shift out of park. The symptoms of the problem are that the navi system reboots AND the dash closk display goes blank. Both come back...
  3. All US Acura/Hondas to Get Brake OverRides

    Acura news feeds...
    All U.S. Honda Vehicles to Get Brake OverRides by 2011 American Honda has announced that it will be installing a brake-override system on all of its Honda- and Acura-brand vehicles for the North American market by the end of 2011. The device would, quite simply, allow the brake pedal to...
  4. 3rd Gen TL - New OEM Front Brake Pads

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    Brand new, never installed set of front brake pads for 3rd gen TL (2004-2008). Part # 45022-SEP-A01 Still in box with little MOLYKOTE packet. Box has been opened, but just so my friend could look at them. Long story short: Thought I needed them for my '06, but don't. $55 shipped (UPS Ground)...
  5. RL rotor upgrade

    Aftermarket Parts and Accessories
    im looking for a big rotor kit I have seen them for other acuras but not for the 1997 RL does anyone know of anything that will fit up?
  6. Help!! Rear brakes needed on 2009 TSX - 25.5k miles..

    2nd Gen TSX
    I just came back from the dealer - my brakes have a bobble when I hit them reasonably hard from 60 mph. You hit them lightly, they are fine, you hit them hard they are fine, but you hit somewhere in between, a bit of a bobble. It's gotten better but I had dealer look at. Inner rear pads are...
  7. Brake Rattle Noise

    So friends here is my story: Just 2 days ago I purchased a Certified pre-owned RDX Tech 2008 with about 17,600 miles on it. I had to go out of town to buy it, about 450 miles away. So on my way home, I start noticing this rattling type of noise coming the brakes (probably front I guess)...