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  1. Acura TSX 2005 Best Upgrade (iPod, 3.5mm Audio, Android Phone, Rear camera, VideoInt)

    1st Gen TSX
    Hello everyone, I recently bought a used Acura TSX 2005 and was quite surprised to find out that there is no way to connect AUX (ipod, android phone or audio wire) and looked up few websites to find out what are the possibilities. I found few but its really hard to decide the best combination...
  2. Upgrading the OEM Backup Camera?

    Has anyone looked into replacing the existing camera on the MDX? I have a 2008 which the camera is about worthless. That includes in the middle of the day. The quality and capabilities of cameras must have improved since 2008. I've found a couple of sites that offers only the camera, but not...
  3. Acura RL 2006 Backup Camera Self-Install

    Do It Yourself
    Folks: I would like to know how easy or difficult it is to install the backup camera in a 2006 RL. A PDF of the installation instructions would be a plus. Thanks