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  1. Auto shipping services in usa

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    We provide car transport shipping services. we will provide safe and secure given your car at your destination without a problem and we are a top-listed forum for the help people for other detail visit our site
  2. Mazi Rental Cars

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    Business Bay is a key global trading hub that sets the strong economic foundation of the region. If it is a lavish treat for an upscale Cosmopolitan lifestyle that you seek, or want to enjoy Ultra-exclusive amenities. Business Bay is the place you should opt for. We will be there to make your...
  3. I'm new member

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    I want to say hello everybody, AcuraWorld forum is nice :wavey:
  4. Sadly said goodby to Legend (can't call it a clunker)

    2nd Gen Legend
    As the original owner, it was with mixed emotions that I parted with of my '91 Legend LS under the CARS program. Pleased to get more than market value for the car (which at a revised 18 MPG combined was added to the list after the program launched). Sad that such an enjoyable car with 196,000...