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  1. MDX
    Sorry in advance if this has already been covered, I've searched all over the forum and the internet but can't seem to find anything similar to what's go with my wife's MDX. She has a 2007 MDX and the 6 disc cd changer has decided to only work on the 1st slot, and the other 5 slots it ejects...
  2. Audio/Visual
    O.K., I know I'm an idiot, but I"m getting better since I traded my 740 on a mint 02 TL w/ Nav. Unfortunately, when I was putting the first CD in the changer, I didn"t push "load" and now the CD is stuck in the changer (I guess, I can't see it) and I'm getting an error message referring me to...
  3. 1st Gen TSX (2004-2008)
    Hello everyone, this is delicate: today I wanted to attach simple iPod cable into my 2004/2005 TSX and I was terribly surprised. After unplugging the dash, there were NO inputs, no CD changer inputs, nothing described in most AUX devices like xcarlink and so. CD changer itself appears as single...
1-3 of 3 Results