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  1. 2nd Gen TL (1998-2003)
    I have a 2002 acura tls with navi. Ok, so first my issue with my old navy was that I was unable to put more than 3 letters in the street name or city name while looking for street. It would just freeze. I can use previous destinations just fine with no issues. So I figured buying one off of...
  2. 1st Gen TL (1996-1997)
    hey guys I had to replace the battery in my 1996 2.5 TL....Now its asking for a code to get back into the stereo system (i think its either 4 or 5 digits). I tried calling the dealership but they said there's nothing they can do without the serial number to the system (for which I would have to...
  3. Audio/Visual
    so i have an 1984 VW Rabbit with a unknown year or model Acura tape deck in it. The battery on my car died so the stereo with into anti-theft protection mode. I bought this car off some guy and the 5-digit code was not included with the car and since it is not from the original car, i cannot...
  4. Ask The Dealer
    i just recently bought an acura TL and had the battery replaced cus it died out on me, and now the radio and navigation is asking for a code. i've done research already and looked everywhere on my car for a white sticker for the codes and found none. im not sure if the anti-theft security code...
  5. Integra
    Basically battery died in my integra because I was in a hurry and forgot about the headlights. either way now the radio is locked, I always have trouble with dealships so I'm trying to avoid them now. so could someone find the radio code for a serial # of: PL 63193 Thank you, Jack
  6. Audio/Visual
    :bigcry:Battery went dead yesterday, got a jump, Navi came on and asked for a code I put that in, then pressed the power button for Radio expecting it to ask for a code, but nothing. It was working fine previously, not nothing, wont even come on so I can enter the code. Really dont want to pay...
1-6 of 6 Results