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  1. EGR and other problems

    New Member Introductions
    Hey Everyone. I have a 2000 TL w/ 130,000 miles on it. Last Sunday the car ran great. The following morning had blinking Check engine light, TCS light on and had (what felt like) misfires. I had the codes run ...misfires in 2,3 and 5. EGR errors, MAF sensor and HO2 sensor faults. I did a...
  2. Looking to lower RSX for aesthetic

    Do It Yourself
    Hey guys! What is the most cost effective way to lower my RSX? I've heard bad things about coil compression. I wouldn't mind having the obvious handling effects from lowering my car, but I am looking more towards the look of it. How would you go about lowering your RSX if it was more for the...