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  1. Honda Gear Concept

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    Honda Gear Concept: Fixie-Inspired City Car Debuts in Montreal The Honda Gear concept study model has been revealed in a low-key unveiling at the Montreal motor show in Canada. Inspired by a fixed-gear bicycle, the Japanese car maker says the Honda Gear concept represents a new way of looking...
  2. Concept meets 1991

    HSC Concept/Next Gen NSX
    The Acura NSX Concept Meets an Original 1991 Acura NSX Automakers are under no obligation to tell the truth about future product, especially when it comes to future sports cars. And double especially when those future sports cars embody the automaker's very DNA. So it is with the Acura NSX...
  3. Honda 3R-C Concept

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    2010 Geneva Motor Show: Honda 3R-C Concept Honda is set to unveil a radically styled electric three-wheeler concept at next week’s 2010 Geneva Motor Show, which the automaker has revealed the first details on today. The new concept is called the Honda 3R-C and it envisages the automaker’s...
  4. Honda CR-Z

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    Honda CR-Z Production Ready Concept Here's another instance of Honda calling a car a concept when it's actually mere inches away from production. This is the 2011 Honda CR-Z, and it is a reborn 1983-92 Civic CRX. It goes on sale in Japan in February 2010, with the U.S. following a few months...
  5. Honda SkyDeck

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    Honda SkyDeck Concept Japanese customers have an endless appetite for cool minivans, so no Tokyo auto show would be complete without at least a half-dozen. Here's Honda's entry for 2009: the Skydeck concept. The Honda Skydeck is a 6-seat hybrid minivan. We know that Honda wants to take the...