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  1. 2011 Honda CR-Z Reviews

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    Honda CR-Z is Awfully Sporty for a Hybrid NEW YORK — Honda's about to take another swing at selling a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle as a sporty, performance car that just happens to have a hybrid drivetrain to save fuel. That's similar to its pitch for the current Insight sedan hybrid...
  2. Honda Reportedly Working on More Powerful Hybrid Coupe

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    Honda Reportedly Planning More Powerful Hybrid Sports Coupe The Honda CR-Z has not even landed in showrooms, and already we are hearing rumors about a new, bigger hybrid sports coupe in Japan. At a recent chance meeting, a Honda insider revealed that company is busy working on a next...
  3. Honda CR-Z

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    UK AutoCar: Road Test What is it? The CR-Z is an unlikely hero for Honda, the car that could restore at least a little of its sporting image after its withdrawal from F1 and the axing of both the NSX supercar project and the S2000. The CR-Z is a sports hybrid coupe, the first car with this...
  4. Honda CR-Z

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    Honda CR-Z Production Ready Concept Here's another instance of Honda calling a car a concept when it's actually mere inches away from production. This is the 2011 Honda CR-Z, and it is a reborn 1983-92 Civic CRX. It goes on sale in Japan in February 2010, with the U.S. following a few months...