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  1. FS Genuine Acura NEW IN BOX MDX Wood Woodgrain Dash Meter Trim Kit

    OEM Parts and Accessories
    Genuine Acura MDX Accessory Wood Dash Meter Trim Kit Dresses up the plain black plastic trim panel around the gauge / instrument cluster / meter panel to match the rest of the woodgrain trim like it should Part number is 08Z03-S3V-200 and fits MDX at least up to 2005, as far as I know Please...
  2. Remove Dash on 98 3.2 TL

    1st Gen TL
    Hi everyone. I'm pretty certain I have a dead blower motor. No heat, no AC. All I get is blow-through when the car is moving very fast. To get to the blower, I have to remove the dash. To anyone who has done this, how tough/easy is it? I've done simple maintenance on the vehicle: change spark...