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  1. what do you listen to most often in your TL?

    3rd Gen TL
    We all know our TLs have a great sound system and are a ton of fun to cruise around in. So, what is everyone's favorite type of music to listen to in their car. I personally like BPM on XM, dance/trance/techno and anything with a good bass line. Sometimes rap or r&b is good too though. Let's...
  2. Driving After A Blizzard Is Fun!

    AW Lounge
    Check out this video of an Audi A4 driving in about a foot of snow. It says that this was right after the blizzard in early January in New York. This video is absolutely amazing... Here is the video: Audi A4 Snow Drifting After Blizzard January 2011. | Ultimate Street Videos, Car Reviews, Car...
  3. Anyone Notice 3.2TLs Tail Slips Out Easily?

    2nd Gen TL
    I have had a couple close calls with the tail end slipping out during sharp high speed turns. This thing breaks loose and fish tails uncontrollably? Its really not fun and is causing me to not drive this thing with much excitement... Anyone else have this problem?
  4. Texting while Driving

    AW Lounge
    OK guys, I'm doing a poll for Government class and thought I would ask on a topic that I feel strongly about. Just on Monday some lady was texting while driving a focus after coming out the neighborhood. As I was passing in the other lane (she was ahead at the light before the left turn) she...
  5. Regional Autocross #8 Fresno Chapter SCCA

    Meeting place
    Come out to the Fresno Chapter Regional Autocross: August 30th from 7:00am - 3:00pm Location Atwater, CA (Castle Air Force Base) Entry fee $30 for SCCA members, $45 for non-members 5 laps on the course. Loaner helmets available. Come push you and your car to the limits. Visit the website...