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  1. Acura 1996 3.5 RL Locking turns On & Off

    1st Gen RL
    I've had this Acura for only around a year now and it was passed down to me from my aunt. Ever since she has had it, it has had electrical issues from a leak of some sort in the past. The car can lock, but when it's locked, every few minutes it locks and unlocks, slowly draining the battery...
  2. Honda EV-Ster

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    Tokyo Motor Show: Honda’s New EV-STER Concept is the Beat of the Future While not the NSX or S2000 replacements that enthusiasts have long been waiting to see, the Japanese firm's EV-STER concept shows that Honda still has some faint traces of sporty genes left in its DNA. The pure electric...
  3. Honda 3R-C Concept

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    2010 Geneva Motor Show: Honda 3R-C Concept Honda is set to unveil a radically styled electric three-wheeler concept at next week’s 2010 Geneva Motor Show, which the automaker has revealed the first details on today. The new concept is called the Honda 3R-C and it envisages the automaker’s...