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electrical issues

  1. 09 Acura tl is Not starting help

    4th Gen TL
    Hey guys i have a 09 Acura tl that doesnt want to start anymore after i crashed. My driver side fender was pushed in. There was a ground wire harness there it cut clean from the metal. i reconnected them to its correct color and how it was and doesnt want to start again anymore. No codes. No...
  2. Acura 1996 3.5 RL Locking turns On & Off

    1st Gen RL
    I've had this Acura for only around a year now and it was passed down to me from my aunt. Ever since she has had it, it has had electrical issues from a leak of some sort in the past. The car can lock, but when it's locked, every few minutes it locks and unlocks, slowly draining the battery...