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  1. Help Needed : Safety electrical issue and scratches

    On Monday December 30th , 2019 we went to the DCH Montclair Acura dealer of New Jersey to purchase an RDX. My wife Louise and I were considering two different cars at this time. The first car was a 2019 certified pre owned, gunmetal grey RDX Advance and the second car was a 2020 brand new...
  2. VSC light illuminates, dash board stops working

    3rd Gen TL
    I have a 2006 Acura TL I just bought. It drove great on the test drive, paid the guy, and then the problems started. The vsc light came on and when I'm driving the dash board gauges will suddenly drop. the car is still running and driving, but the gauges will completely stop working, and then...
  3. Help ASAP!! Car is dead

    2nd Gen TL
    So I got into a fender bender at low speeds and both the driver's side and the passenger side front airbags deployed ever since the airbags deployed the cars electrical system stays on even if I was to take the key out the radio and the eletrical system still stays on and is killing my battery...
  4. help with a possible short!

    1st Gen RL
    Hello all, I'm new to all of this, but I really need help. I have 1998 Acura RL, I bought an iTrip FM transmitter that uses power from the cigarette lighter socket. When I plugged it in I did not notice there was a really small screw inside the socket so when I connected it, my stereo turned off...
  5. Good alternator,battery,starter but battery dies

    Do It Yourself
    2006 Acura TL - My battery kept dying after a week or so of driving. Then I would jump start it and the car would be fine for another week until I let it sit for the weekend. The battery was new, the starter and alternator all checked good. Turns out there was a power leakage. I went to the...
  6. 07 TL-S Navi Reboot on braking

    3rd Gen TL
    A small video file demonstration is attached. I have a 2007 TL-S. For a while now I have the intermittant problem that occurs when either I hit the brake or shift out of park. The symptoms of the problem are that the navi system reboots AND the dash closk display goes blank. Both come back...
  7. Battery drain stops when I pull hazard fuse or seatbelt fuse

    Got a weird issue with my '90 Integra. Battery drains faster than it should. With key out of ignition it draws about 220ma. If I pull the hazard fuse or the "Passive Motor R" fuse (used for automatic seatbelts) the current drops to normal range (about 20-40ma). This makes no sense to me. I'm...
  8. fan running an hour after use, engine is cool

    3rd Gen TL
    The temp gauge doesn't move when I turn the key, but the fan is still running. Turning the car on and off doesn't solve the problem, driving the car for a bit and turning it off doesn't solve the problem, the fan is still running. Any ideas? 2005 Acura TL Thanks! - Charles
  9. 92 gsr engine to chassis ground wire shorted out

    Ask The Dealer
    Hi I have a 92 gsr and there was a wire going from the battery to a bolt under hood im assuming it was a ground wire for something but not sure what. It went from negative terminal to chassis. Anyway the other day i opened the hood and noticed that my intake filter was falling off, so i pushed...
  10. 99 TL - Radio and GPS shut off and reboot while driving

    2nd Gen TL
    Recently the radio and GPS in my 99 TL have begun to shut off while driving and quickly reboot. At first it was only a nuisance while listening to music or whatever, but now it is happening more often and recently after it happened both the TCS and ABS lights flickered on. Does anyone know how...
  11. Do I have a lemon?

    :mad: All, I am trying to figure if my wife's MDX is a lemon or if the dealers who checked the car thus far are incompetent. We bought a 2008 MDX in November of 2008 and since then the car failed to start at least 10 times due to a dead battery. Typically, my wife would try to start the car...
  12. Driver Side Crash Causing Internal Failure of ABS Control Unit on the RIGHT Side????

    2nd Gen RL
    HELP! Insurance is trying to SCREW ME!! I hit a deer on driver side front of '02 RL. After bodywork and paint, I am being told my ABS control unit has an internal failure. My ABS and TSC lights stay on after starting up. These lights did NOT come on after the impact even after several starts...