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  1. 2nd Gen CL
    I just bought a 2003 Acura cl. I wanted the type s version but it had way too many miles. So I was wondering if I could just buy a type s engine and swap it. Also change the ecu. Could I do this with no problems Or no modifications to the car? Or are there a cheaper ways to gain lots of hp.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Is it possible to put a 96 dual cam teg engine into a 93 teg without buying too many parts?
  3. Integra
    i swpped the engins on my 1995 rs and i took it for a spin. the weirdest thing is that the new engine seemed to have more power than the last engine. since the stickers were removed on the engine i have no way of knowing what type of engine it is. my friend is convinced it is a vtec but im...
  4. Integra
    Yesterday I bought the aforementioned integra, 95 LS, and it didn't have a knock, at least not a noticeable one. Now there is a definite knock noise coming from what sounds like the engine. As I rev it doesn't get louder but it speeds up. It also sounds like the knock goes away around 20 mph...
  5. Integra
    Newbie here, so hello everyone! Have a '90 Integra for a daily driver- and it is time for engine replacement. Just love it too much to let it go. B18A's are near impossible to find, but have been told that a B18B will bolt right up. I plan to use my old distributor & intake manifold to keep it...
1-5 of 5 Results