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  1. Compete Like a Pro: Win a TSX Sport Wagon

    2nd Gen TSX
    Compete Like a Pro: Acura TSX Sport Wagon Competition Ready to Win? Are you a serious action sports athlete who’s willing to go the distance to win? If so, a brand-new Acura TSX Sport Wagon could be yours. All you have to do is work your social network as hard as your quads to earn the most...
  2. FaceBook CEO Drives an Acura TSX

    1st Gen TSX
    Mark Zuckerberg's Age of Privacy is Over Zuckerberg in his driveway. Behind him is his Acura TSX, which is a couple years old and worth about $20,000. "It's an entry-level luxury vehicle," says Jalopnik editor Ray Wert. "It's the sort of car you might see a first-year lawyer driving." Mark...